Durable Decoration on a Variety of Substrates & Shapes

IDS pad print, hot stamp and heat transfer solutions provide precise, durable decoration on a wide range of consumer goods. We know how to pinpoint optimal approaches for a wide range of substrate materials and geometries. We have specialized solutions for a large number of key market applications.

We stand out by providing:

  • Superior repeatability
  • Application-specific inks, dies and other consumables
  • Market-leading changeover speed (reducing downtime by up to 20%)
  • Expert material handling for enhanced efficiency and precision printing alignment


We provide total solutions (decorating equipment, tooling, consumables, automation and material handling) for precision decoration on a wide variety of consumer good applications. We have specialized solutions developed for both sporting good and writing implement applications.

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Sporting Goods

IDS brands provide hot stamp, heat transfer and heat seal decoration on a range of sporting good applications.

We are proud to be considered global pioneers in golf ball decoration thanks to our innovative printing process allowing for greater decorated real estate than was previously possible.

We know how to provide durable decoration on sporting good equipment on a wide range of substrates and in a wide variety of geometries.

Typical applications include:

  • Traditional and customized golf balls, golf clubs
  • Baseballs, softballs, wooden and metal bats
  • Ski bindings (inside and outside)
  • Helmets (bike, ski and hard hats)
  • Bicycle shafts and handles
  • Hunting bows and arrows
Writing Implements

IDS brands provide solutions for decorating plastic (typically polypropylene) and wooden writing implements with images, text (often color or weight information) and barcodes. We know how to ensure perfect decoration precision and adhesion at speeds of up to 6,000 pieces per hour. Our total solution can include decorating systems, customized tooling , all required consumables and material handling.

Typical applications include:

  • Plastic pens, pencils, markets
  • Wooden pens and pencils
We would love to learn more about your product decorating challenge.