Solution Identification & Set Up

Each of the IDS brands employs a comprehensive Optimal Solution Identification process to ensure customers that they identify the ideal solution for their unique requirements. Our knowledgeable teams provide expert insights into project set up including artwork translation.


Precision Engineering

Our teams then use cutting-edge and industry-leading technology to build not only high precision decorating systems, but also best-in-class tooling, holding fixtures, pad, plates and dies- which ensure highly repeatable quality decoration.

Optimized Consumables

We offer an industry-leading range of consumables, specially designed to work seamlessly with our systems as well as with competitor systems.  Our pad printing inks are widely regarded as the most durable in the market. We offer a wide range of high performance hot stamp foils and have close partnerships with leading global manufacturers of heat transfer ribbon.


In addition to stand alone manual systems, IDS brands provide highly complex automated solutions. We have deep expertise in integrating elements like vision quality control systems and advanced product handling.

We are eager to put our expertise to use finding the optimal solution for your challenge.