Pad Print

Pad printing involves the transfer of ink from an etched plate to the substrate using a silicone pad.

Pad printing is a cost-effective solution for highly accurate and repeatable decoration on a wide range of substrates.

IDS brands Trans Tech (North America) and Morlock (Germany) are total solution providers for pad print product decoration- providing systems, tooling and all required consumables.

Digital Print

Digital product decoration involves printing from a digital-based image directly to the substrate.

Digital product decoration allows for instant changeovers, instant curing (immediate part handling) and virtually limitless color options at a single station.

We offer digital printing solutions for IV bags, syringes, catheters, appliance and saw blade applications.

Americas: Trans Tech
EMEA & Asia: Morlock

Hot Stamp & Heat Transfer Decoration

Hot stamp decoration is a form of relief printing that transfers foil decoration to a surface at high temperatures. (see benefits)


Heat transfer decoration is very similar to hot stamp decoration but transfers pre-printed (often multi-color) films onto product surfaces.  (see benefits) 


IDS brands United Silicone (North America) and CER (France) are global innovators and leaders in both hot stamp and heat transfer product decoration. They offer total decoration solutions including systems, tooling and all required consumables.

Heat Seal

Heat sealing can join two similar materials together or can join dissimilar materials, one of which has a thermoplastic layer.

Heat seal is often used to seal products or packaging though heat seal tools (such as silicone sheets and rollers) can be used in a wide variety of applications.

IDS brands United Silicone (North America) and CER (France) offer a full range of heat seal supplies.

Our experts are ready to help you find the optimal decorating process for your product.